Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Job: Full-time Student-Athlete

I've always been told that playing tennis and having a strong passion for it was a good thing, but not good enough to put on a resume. It was strange to think that my years playing in middle school, making Varsity as a freshman in high school, playing in the line-up my freshman year in college, and leading my team to multiple conference and sectional championships as captain, would later in life, mean nothing.

Maya Mapp (shown left), the Training and Development Specialist for CareerAthletes, came to UW-Whitewater last night and showed student ahtletes what work skills their sport gave them. Not only do college athletes spend 30-40 hours on their sport, but they have to balance a school and social life as well.

Maya helped the student-athletes realize that they possess 25 traits that their years of training and head-to-head competition have helped them aquire. My top five traits I have learned from being a student-athlete are:

*a strong work ethic
*being self-motivated
*seeking and loving a challenge
*a competitive nature
*and incredible time management.

I learned that these are some of the strongest skills I possess, and I have learned them from playing tennis. Thanks Maya for the great advice!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Let Me Catch Up!!!

Phew, what a busy winter break!!

The day I finished finals, I drove back to IL for the Ultimate Entrepreneur Holiday Party in Schaumburg. The party was for GKIC Chicago Glazer-Kennedy No BS Chapter led by Steve Sipress. This was a VERY interesting party and I met a lot of successful and driven people here. I also learned how to better market myself as well as my tennis business ( :-)

Jim Fleck, CEO of Instant Profits Marketing, Inc, was the surprise speaker at the party and taught us how to market quicker and easier! I also left with a signed copy of "Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets" by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Lee Milteer and Steve Sipress.

Another great connection I made over break was with Michael Hopfner. He invited me to a presentation by Dean Kosage, a life coach and owner of Kosage Motivation. Dean had a lot of strong information about personal growth and network marketing. I don't want to share too much, but I highly recommend him if you want to get your life and business moving up.

Michael and Steve have been great connections for me and I hope to continue to learn and network through both of them once I finish my last semester here at UW-Whitewater.

In May, 2010, I'll have a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree in Business Management, a minor in Public Relations, and an emphasis in special events management. I'll also have a strong background in marketing and entrepreneurship. LET THE POSSIBILITIES BEGIN!!

Please let me know if you know of any job openings in the Chicagoland/surburban area for when I graduate!

Above is a picture of Jim Fleck at the Holiday Party. You can almost see me, I'm the blonde head right above the woman in blonde on the far left side. Haha